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  • Télérama

  •  "Le cri" da "Télérama" : making-of d'une photo de une saisissante Un bateau isolé, une mer calme et la mort qui rôde… La photo Alfredo D'Amato, photographe italien, illustre la une de notre magazine cette semaine, consacrée au drame des migrants. Mais comment l'a-t-il prise ? Explicatio[...]
'L'Esodo' - Fotoleggendo
  • 'L'Esodo' - Fotoleggendo

  • Nell’ambito di Fotoleggendo L’Esodo nasce dalla volontà della commissione scientifica del festival di creare un momento di riflessione sulla tragedia degli sbarchi e dell’immigrazione in Europa, un’emergenza che coinvolge tutta la comunità Europea di fronte a popolazioni in fuga da guerre e mise[...]
Mare Nostrum exhibition at X3 Gallery
  • Mare Nostrum exhibition at X3 Gallery

  • Nome latino per il Mar Mediterraneo – storico crocevia di commerci, culture e contaminazioni -, Mare Nostrum è la missione umanitaria di salvataggio dei migranti in mare attuata nel 2013 – conclusa, poi, nel novembre 2014 e sostituita dall’operazione Triton di Frontex – dalla Marina Militare itali[...]
Syrian refugees, Athens. Greece
  • Syrian refugees, Athens. Greece

  •   'Life in exile has been harrowing for each of them. After fleeing Syria with the rest of their family in the summer of 2012, they turned to smugglers and made six perilous attempts to enter Greece, repeatedly risking their lives at sea and being turned back to Turkey. Fewaz and Malak fin[...]
Cabo Verde
  • Cabo Verde

  • Today, Cape Verdeans identify more with their European heritage than with Africa because of the strong influence of Portuguese culture and language. Half of Cape Verde's population lives and works abroad, making which has further strengthened the bond with Europe rather than Africa. Cape Verde'[...]
Life on the Periphery on THE TELEGRAPH
  • Life on the Periphery on THE TELEGRAPH

  •   The photographs D’Amato made that winter are, in turn, animated and tender, belonging to a kind of photography made over the threshold, in every sense. As wood, rubber cable and waste was burned endlessly, thickening the air, he photographed fluently, to render both the stillness o[...]
Images of 'Rescue at sea' on Aljazeera
  • Images of 'Rescue at sea' on Aljazeera

  • This shipwreck, coupled with a similar tragedy off the island of Lampedusa on October 3, 2013, resulted in 366 deaths. In response, Italy launched Operation Mare Nostrum ("Our Sea" in Latin), in which the country's navy and coast guard rescue migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranea[...]