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Calixto Ramìrez for WONDEREUR
  • Calixto Ramìrez for WONDEREUR

  • Calixto Ramirez is a Mexican performance artist uses available space in his immediate environment in his creations. WONDEREUR Calixto Ramirez's uncommonly transient upbringing having moving between towns and cities eighteen times drives a core instinct in his artistic practice. He received his BF[...]
Cocalari X3 Gallery
  • Cocalari X3 Gallery

  • L’esposizione, a cura di Emilia Valenza, presenta ventinove fotografie scattate nel 2004 a Calea Vacaresti nella periferia di Bucarest. Nel 1989, in romania, in seguito alla rivolta che portò alla caduta del regime comunista di Ceausescu, molte famiglie restarono senza casa. molti hanno trovato si[...]
Mare Nostrum Operartion on the Mediterranean sea
  • Mare Nostrum Operartion on the Mediterranean sea

  • The winds and waves decide the fate of those who flee across the Mediterranean. When the gusts push from north to south and the swells off the Libyan coast are animated, asylum-seekers remain hidden in small houses with their smugglers. But when the weather clears and the air currents stir from [...]
Coal + Ice exhibition
  • Coal + Ice exhibition

  •   Coal + Ice is a documentary photography exhibition featuring the work of 30 photographers from China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, whose work, brought together here, visually narrates the hidden chain o[...]