WPP Job Swart Masterclass

In 1994 World Press Photo launched the masterclass. This annual five-day masterclass adopted its name from World Press Photo’s late honorary chairman, Joop Swart. It offers promising, young photographers from different parts of the world the unique opportunity to meet and discuss the ethical, technical, journalistic and emotional aspects of their work. It helps them develop practical skills and analyze their approach to photojournalism with some of the most highly regarded professionals in the field.

The Joop Swart Masterclass covers a series of subjects, which range from photojournalism in general, the workings of agencies, ethics, communication and message, technical developments to copyrights. Also, we are interested in any subject suggestions that you might have yourself.

For more infos about Job Swart Masterclass and how to partecipate check the link: https://www.worldpressphoto.org/education/programs/joop-swart-masterclass/alumni