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How a Lifeline From China Changed Greece on Fortune
MADONIE PAESAGGI Museo civico Castelbuono
  • MADONIE PAESAGGI Museo civico Castelbuono

  • MADONIE PAESAGGI Fin dai suoi esordi la fotografa di paesaggio incrocia le aspettative della pittura di paesaggio, la narrazione cioè di una scena che possa restituire la dimensione e l’atmosfera di un spazio naturale, con la sua imponenza e grandiosità, rendendosi idilliaca i[...]
The Echo of History
  • The Echo of History

  •   My trip to Guinea Bissau was the last in a series of journeys to different countries around the world that were colonised by Portugal and still retain Portuguese as their lingua franca. Attempting to analyse the cultural mix of African and European influences I travelled to six cities [...]
Seminar at French School (EFA)
  • Seminar at French School (EFA)

  • Thursday 31 May 2018 We would like to invite you to the closing event of the series of seminars: Mobilities in/of Crises: Critical Investigations that will take place at the French School at Athens (EFA). Caesura* *A breath, a c[...]
'Caring for the Planet Starts from the Ground' for IFAD
Comment by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, on Mediterranean crossings over the weekend
Filicudi on 1683 Magazine
  • Filicudi on 1683 Magazine

  • Six and a half years ago I decided that my burnt-out sister needed a break from life that was more of an antidote than a holiday. This was not such an easy thing to deliver. A former foreign correspondent, she craved remote, wild, sparsely inhabited terrain to offset her weariness with the modern wo[...]
Migration stories for the British Red Cross on The Guardian
MEDITERRANEAN PHOTO FESTIVAL - Crete, June - September 2016
Sony Ambassadors su Sprea Fotografia
  • Sony Ambassadors su Sprea Fotografia

  • Sono quattro i primi fotografi italiani entrati a far parte del programma internazionale “Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors”, lanciato nel 2014, che vede Sony collaborare con alcuni dei più brillanti e talentuosi artisti contemporanei della fotografia in tutto il mondo, diversi sia per stile sia per p[...]
Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors
  • Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors

  • The finest photographers are sought to work with Sony on a local and global level. The Ambassadors include an elite group of photographers who are unique in both stature and international appeal and are selected for their range in style, expertise and artistic charisma. They are carefully chos[...]
Last Stop: Idomeni
  • Last Stop: Idomeni

  • "I see my trip to Idomeni on the Greek - Macedonian border as a turning point in my experience of following and reporting on the Syrian diaspora across the Middle East and Europe. Last year I visited Izmir in Turkey where hundreds of Syrian refugees had gathered at the city's train station. There we[...]