Workshop at Fotopub

Workshop at Fotopub Due to fulfillment of both advanced workshops, Fotopub team invited another mentor. Alfredo D’Amato is a graduate of the Documentary Photography degree course at the University of Wales in Newport. He has mainly worked on long-term projects focusing on both western and eastern Europe, Africa and South America, with a particular interest in Portuguese speaking countries.

Fotopub took its first breath in the summer of 2001. It has started with a webpage, then contnued with a Fotopub workshop, photographic exhibitions and international contest Photographic experience. We have never been hiding ambitions to combine all these activities under one roof of the photographic festival. We have directed this festival into a journalist and documentary photography where the photographic game, a dance between a photographer and a subject is most genuine. At the same time we remain loyal local patriots to the nowadays global village and every year we invite mentors and guests from all over the world to share their views with us. Fotopub