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Omonia - Omania
  • Omonia - Omania

  • My nine months in Athens was a time of introspection, of looking in rather than looking at others, as I usually do in my life as a photographer. I had been to Athens many times before but had never thought of looking further at the area around the famous (or infamous) square that gives its [...]
How a Lifeline From China Changed Greece on Fortune
MADONIE PAESAGGI Museo civico Castelbuono
  • MADONIE PAESAGGI Museo civico Castelbuono

  • MADONIE PAESAGGI Fin dai suoi esordi la fotografa di paesaggio incrocia le aspettative della pittura di paesaggio, la narrazione cioè di una scena che possa restituire la dimensione e l’atmosfera di un spazio naturale, con la sua imponenza e grandiosità, rendendosi idilliaca i[...]
The Echo of History
  • The Echo of History

  •   My trip to Guinea Bissau was the last in a series of journeys to different countries around the world that were colonised by Portugal and still retain Portuguese as their lingua franca. Attempting to analyse the cultural mix of African and European influences I travelled to six cities [...]