Calixto Ramìrez for WONDEREUR


Rome. Calixto Ramirez is a Mexican performance artist

Calixto Ramirez is a Mexican performance artist uses available space in his immediate environment in his creations. WONDEREUR

Calixto Ramirez’s uncommonly transient upbringing having moving between towns and cities eighteen times drives a core instinct in his artistic practice. He received his BFA from La Esmeralda (Mexico City) in 2008 and in 2009 studied under Jannis Kounellis, member of the Arte Povera movement. He has exhibited individually in Mexico at the Museum of Mexico City and at Yautepec Gallery, wile also having participate in a group exhibition including in the Placido de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and well in Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Slovenia, Spain, Holland and Italy. in 2012, he was awarded the acquisition price in the Biennal of Emerging Art in Monterry, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His work can be found in both public and private collection in Spain and Mexico.